General Update

Word press has informed me that the two most searched phrases in my blog are “kris hackenson piercing” and “enjoy getting girls pregnant.”  I also had 17 views on my blog in one day.  I doubt this is my friends, so I can only assume it’s people who are in love with Kris Hackenson.  Or the bastard himself.  Either way, I’m over it.  Read my blog if you want, I don’t really care.

Work is going well, but I’m still applying frequently tons of places in my related field, looking for full time employment.  It would be really nice to not have to waitress any more.  I’m still going to school, I’m only taking one class for summer semester which I have a perfect score in, go me.  Fall semester I am taking 3 classes and I should have my associates after spring 2012.  Then I plan on enrolling in UIC fall 2012.

I have another vacation coming up!  Hooray!  I realize I never wrote about Vegas/California, but I’ll get there eventually.  We saw a lot of great things people would want to read about.  In August I am taking Bob to Delray Beach, Florida.  Originally it wsa going to be a surprise, but he didn’t like not knowing where we were going, so I finally broke down and told him.  His brother works for a hotel, so we’ll be able to get a discount on our hotel room and rental car.  I’ve been looking into some really fun things to do like parasailing and snorkling.  The area is really pretty so I can’t wait to go.

I’m planning new tattoos, the next one coming up will be a shark on my arm.  A big shark.  An impressive shark.  A Sharky Shark!

Also I’m recently trying to get into more modeling work, which is exciting.  Once I get an okay portfolio going, I’ll make an account on model mayhem or something.

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Caffeine and Aspirations

I’m about three-quarters of the way through my Starbucks Doubleshot Mocha, which is about the same time that I start to feel like I can conquer the world.  Actually, I always can conquer the world, I just know it when I consume too much caffeine.  When I am over-caffeinated I tend to think about my future and goals.  I want to have a meeting with a school counselor RIGHT NOW.  I want to write a book, sew a new dress, leap forward a year in time.  Let’s go for a walk, let’s go make a difference in our communities, let’s set up a new financial plan that will maximize our savings.

Clearly, I rarely consume more caffeine than what is in your average can of soda pop.

I know I haven’t been writing lately.  The new job at Rock Bottom is keeping me busy.  I work 5(ish) days a week there and between working at the PD and there and school and school and school, it’s just been a bit much lately.  The semester is almost over so that means two things.  First, I’ll be relaxing soon.  Second, these next three weeks will be academic hell as I try to finish everything up.

I’m still trying for a new desk job that will pay me well for full-time employment.  My sister is trying to help me by looking into open positions at Devry.  I still check local villages on an almost daily basis for open positions.  I have started attending the meetings for the DuPage county ticket transmittal system to try to network.  Next week I am also attending a luncheon for the Association of Chiefs, where my bosses will most likely sing praises about me.

Recently I had the pleasure of befriending a civil engineer through work.  My current career plan is to obtain my bachelors in civil engineering and then a masters in environmental engineering.  We talked about the different career paths people at his work took and how some did follow that exact schooling path.  It made me optimistic and excited about my future.  My future now relies solely on my finances, which is a discouraging thought.

Happy Easter to everyone.  I’ll try to write more frequently.

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Wrong Move Pal

Sometimes, well, most of the time I seem to make the wrong decision.  Yesterday I was on call to work at Rock Bottom.  They didn’t need me, so I took my one weekday off this week to drive to the city to take a test to be put on an eligibility list for a state records position.

My first mistake was that I drove, the second mistake is that I parked in the wrong parking garage, so I ended up paying $23.  Being the careless person I am, I did not make a mental note of which floor of the garage I parked, and on the way through the garage to find my car, I somehow lost the receipt showing that I had already paid the $23 for parking.

I took a wrong turn out of the parking garage, and got myself completely turned around.  No worries!  I have a GPS for this!  A really crappy GPS which kindly refused to pick up a signal.  After driving around hoping to recognize something, I finally found my way back to I-90/I-94.  I knew my way from there.

Luckily the test itself went well.  The three people in front of me were not put on the eligible list, but I made it on the list for two of the positions I tested for.  Unfortunately with budget cuts, I don’t anticipate a position opening up any time soon, but I have my fingers crossed.

In order to go take this test, I gave up an opportunity to go to a meeting on the computer system that I use at work.  I’m the only one who uses the system, but the records manager wanted to go and she asked me to attend with her.  Deciding not to go was not a big deal, or shouldn’t have been because I’ve never gone in the past.  The records manager told me today that several of the women who work with the system on the opposite end from me are retiring.  I’m kicking myself for missing the opportunity to shake some hands and get people to know my name, but you can bet I am watching the job opportunities website like a hawk for the next 6 months.  I receive constant praise from my managers for teaching myself the new system, so I figure that has to count for something.

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Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

Today was the first day of training as a server for Rock Bottom.  Thanks to my procrastination, I was up until 4 am finishing homework for my very work-heavy film studies class, so waking up at 7:30 am was not very pleasant.  Also thanks to my procrastination, I had to go shopping for jeans before I arrived to training.

The server who is training me and another new hire Pat was very nice, but rushed several things.  I think that if I had not worked at Tap House Grill, I would be really lost after today.  Things are going to be pretty different from THG at Rock Bottom Restaurant.  So many things are homemade and made to order at THG, and that just is not the case with RBR.  Once I get over what can and cannot be taken out of the dishes, I think I will be okay.  I’m excited about reducing the number of beers I have to be able to describe and sell.  After the 39 beers at THG, RBR should be a breeze.  I’m also excited for $2.25 employee drafts.

For training today I switched out the jewelry on my remaining lip piercing (I accidentally ripped the newer one out during dinner the other night, and I was pissed off enough that I did not put it back in) with a glass retainer.  I forgot how comfortable a correctly fitting glass retainer could be!  I’m pretty excited about it, and I’m wondering why I hadn’t gone back to wearing glass jewelry sooner.

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Why I like my job

I’m going to miss Tap House Grill, I really am.  I’m going to miss a lot of people I worked with and a lot of the regulars. I’m used to having my “social” needs met on the days I work at Tap House and until I make friends at my new place of employment, I won’t have that.

Today Lauren, Steph, and I were serving a large party (of about 65 people).  It was a lady’s 30th birthday, and she was probably the best birthday girl I have ever met.  She was the sweetest, nicest party host.  All the people in the party were great really.  I had a guy tip me $5 over the course of the night for simply refilling his tonic water three times.

The party brought in a DJ with them so that everyone could dance.  Soon the dancing fever caught around the restaurant, and several other people joined.  The DJ was good at his job.

The best part, was that the birthday girl made homemade cupcakes.  She made three different flavors, but I unfortunately only had the pleasure of trying the vanilla butter cream and the coconut lime meringue.  They were amazing!  I took a picture of a few of the cupcakes, the other two pictures are courtesy of Lauren.

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I’m not big on Christmas.  I don’t like being forced to buy my friends gifts, and I don’t feel comfortable accepting a gift from someone who I know can’t afford to be spending extra money.  I buy little things throughout the year.  things to say, hey I’m thinking of you.  Is this strange?  Is it strange that I subject myself to the awkward, hey you got me a gift for Christmas, but I didn’t get you one, because I’m proving a point that Christmas is stupid forced generosity money circulation?


Today Bob asked me to go to Las Vegas for his friend’s wedding.  First of all, I’d like to say I lost the bet between Ajay and I.  I had my imaginary money on Bob wanting it to be a boys trip.  I suppose it is a wedding however.  So there is a lot of potential for me to be traveling in the next year (based on money).  First of all, Bob wants to go to Colorado, and I do have a free flight voucher.  I’ve never been to Colorado, unlike most of my friends.  I think it has something to do with the quantity of weed smoked.  Someone told me the formula is (times you’ve smoked weed) / (20)= (days you have spent in Colorado)  I’m not too sure about that though.  Something seems off.  I think you need to account for enrollment and under achievement in an institution of higher education.  The people I know who are the best worst at that all seem to have been to Colorado.  It might be a factorial in there somewhere.

Oh right, I was talking about trips.  So then after Colorado, potentially comes Las Vegas.  I have not been to Colorado since I was six(ish?).  I remember spending my birthday there, and at the restaurant I told the waitress it was my birthday.  She brought me a cake, but I was too full to eat it, and later that night while I was asleep (and my dad was in the casino… pretending to like gambling), my brother ate it.  Ahh, the joy of brothers.  I still don’t understand why my mom let that happen, and I probably never will.

After Las Vegas there is a very slim possibility that I will be going to Barcelona.  Hey, if you don’t know, I should probably tell you know, I’d love to live in Spain.  Maybe it’s an escape plan, maybe it’s just the allure of a foreign country.  So my former coworker travels for free because of his job, and earns lots of miles that other people can use.  He’s thinking about going somewhere later this year, when things cool down for work.  He offered to let me use his miles.  The big problem is I don’t have a passport.  I told him I’d know soon how much money I’m making at the new job and if I’ll be able to go on the trip.  I really hope I can go.

I wish I could make up some more travel plans, but I don’t have any.  So that’s it… for now.

P.S. Bob and I watched Kick Ass the other day.

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4 am

I’m happy today.  Really happy.  There’s no reason, it just is.  I had people over, we played WII.  Today my BFF Latto (not really my BFF, it’s just what I call him) came by with Bob’s brother, Brian.  He told me we are barely BFFs, because of recent goings on, and that’s okay.  He also told me, “You have a pretty awesome place, BFF.”  It’s the first time he’s been over since I moved in here.  So here it goes, the reasons why I like living here (and why I don’t:

The Positive:

Walking distance to train station

HUGE space (main level, basement, AND attic?)

Washer/Dryer hook ups in unit

Updated appliances

Close to work(s)

Natural light, and on really sunny days, natural heat

Back patio for smoking

Two assigned parking spots, plus call-in street parking

More storage than I can shake a stick at

No roommates, so my friends can spend the night

The land lord is nice

4 unit building, only 2 units to piss off if I have a party (hey I think one moved out, so…can we be louder?)


The Negative:

My landlord has ghetto rigged pretty much everything that has needed fixing

The train wakes me up, wakes my guests up

I need to turn the TV up when the train comes by

The snow removal company is terrible, most likely because the landlord doesn’t pay them enough

It’s hard to budget the payments (it’s hard for me to budget any place without a roommate)

The electric is fucked, really, half the outlets don’t work and those that do only work up until a point


Ultimately I like it, because it is mine, and when I wake up and open the blinds I love seeing my cats stretch out in the sunshine.  The positive outweigh the negative.  I wish I can get to the point where I am comfortably affording this place.

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Job News

Today while I was in the shower, my phone rang.  I saw the first 6 digits of the phone number while I glanced out from behind the shower curtain.  I recognized it immediately as the same 6 digits of the restaurant which I had my second interview at on Friday.  I had to make a decision, get out of the shower and answer it, or wait for a voicemail.  I always like to answer calls like this right away since I hate playing phone tag, but I decided that it was a bad idea to get out of the shower.

So half an hour later, I sat down and returned the general manager’s call.  He offered me a waitress position, which I gladly accepted.  I start orientation on Friday, but I won’t be leaving Tap House for about two weeks.

Having this phone call come only days after I had reached a new level of frustration at Tap House on Sunday is a huge relief.  I was furious Sunday, and the fact I didn’t make any money was only icing on the cake.  I was able to stay at Tap House despite slow days for so long because I love most of the people who work there.  I was able to work 7 days a week because Tap House was a good social outlet for me.  Unfortunately, there has been a shift in attitude there, and I haven’t been happy for a long time.  So, it was time to move on and that is what I’m doing.

I really hope I like it at the new restaurant, and I hope I make lots of money so I don’t have to work 7 days a week.

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Interview No. 2

I think the job interview went well, but the general manager was a hard person to read.  I have my fingers crossed, he said he would call me by Monday.  He said they were interviewing other people, but unless he’s interviewing people later today or Sunday morning, his schedule does not allow for it.  I’m assuming the wait is for him to call my current place of employment and the manager who interviewed me on Monday.

That or he has no intention of hiring me, but I should probably be more optimistic.  After all, I haven’t received a rejection letter yet, and my friend’s friend who applied for the position received one soon after the second interview.

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Date Night with Bob

I have a feeling the abnormally high spike in my blog views lately might have something to do with my last blog about Kris Hackenson.  I thought about deleting it because I don’t really want to deal with any drama, then I realized that I just don’t care enough.  Chances are I’ll be threatened with some sort of slander lawsuit, because that’s what he likes to do, but nothing I said was false.  Also, he has chosen to put himself in the public eye (through drifting, producing music, whatever he can possibly do) so any slander lawsuit will not stick.

On to the positive things on my mind.  Last night my boss let me leave work early because of the bad weather, so Bob and I were able to make it to Kona Grill before the end of half off happy hour.  I had a coupon for a free dinner for my birthday, but I was anticipating the happy hour.  Our bartender was the server that I had when I signed up for Konavore (the email program that gave me the free birthday dinner coupon) during Lauren’s birthday lunch.  He was a really awesome, attentive bartender, exactly the kind you want any time you go out to eat somewhere.

Right away we ordered the avocado egg rolls, which are absolutely delicious.  They are served with this really good honey-cilantro dipping sauce.  For dinner we ordered some sushi and basil pesto linguine.  As we were checking out, the bartender brought me one of their red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting.  It was so good I want some more.  I haven’t had much of a sweet tooth lately, but this cake was awesome.

After dinner we stopped by a redbox and rented Shutter Island for free thanks to an online promo code.  I’m a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, so I liked the movie.  It was pretty well produced in my opinion.  Parts of it were kind of creepy, but generally it was a thriller (if that), not a horror movie.  I don’t like horror movies.

So that was my date night.  Just nice and low key.  I have a job interview on Friday, but I’m not going to say much about it unless I get the job.

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