I’m not big on Christmas.  I don’t like being forced to buy my friends gifts, and I don’t feel comfortable accepting a gift from someone who I know can’t afford to be spending extra money.  I buy little things throughout the year.  things to say, hey I’m thinking of you.  Is this strange?  Is it strange that I subject myself to the awkward, hey you got me a gift for Christmas, but I didn’t get you one, because I’m proving a point that Christmas is stupid forced generosity money circulation?


Today Bob asked me to go to Las Vegas for his friend’s wedding.  First of all, I’d like to say I lost the bet between Ajay and I.  I had my imaginary money on Bob wanting it to be a boys trip.  I suppose it is a wedding however.  So there is a lot of potential for me to be traveling in the next year (based on money).  First of all, Bob wants to go to Colorado, and I do have a free flight voucher.  I’ve never been to Colorado, unlike most of my friends.  I think it has something to do with the quantity of weed smoked.  Someone told me the formula is (times you’ve smoked weed) / (20)= (days you have spent in Colorado)  I’m not too sure about that though.  Something seems off.  I think you need to account for enrollment and under achievement in an institution of higher education.  The people I know who are the best worst at that all seem to have been to Colorado.  It might be a factorial in there somewhere.

Oh right, I was talking about trips.  So then after Colorado, potentially comes Las Vegas.  I have not been to Colorado since I was six(ish?).  I remember spending my birthday there, and at the restaurant I told the waitress it was my birthday.  She brought me a cake, but I was too full to eat it, and later that night while I was asleep (and my dad was in the casino… pretending to like gambling), my brother ate it.  Ahh, the joy of brothers.  I still don’t understand why my mom let that happen, and I probably never will.

After Las Vegas there is a very slim possibility that I will be going to Barcelona.  Hey, if you don’t know, I should probably tell you know, I’d love to live in Spain.  Maybe it’s an escape plan, maybe it’s just the allure of a foreign country.  So my former coworker travels for free because of his job, and earns lots of miles that other people can use.  He’s thinking about going somewhere later this year, when things cool down for work.  He offered to let me use his miles.  The big problem is I don’t have a passport.  I told him I’d know soon how much money I’m making at the new job and if I’ll be able to go on the trip.  I really hope I can go.

I wish I could make up some more travel plans, but I don’t have any.  So that’s it… for now.

P.S. Bob and I watched Kick Ass the other day.


About michelletherobot

I'm a little bit emotional and a lot a bit strange. In 30 years I'll be a crazy cat lady, but for now I'm a twenty-two year old going to school, working two jobs, and trying to get to a better place.
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