Interview No. 2

I think the job interview went well, but the general manager was a hard person to read.  I have my fingers crossed, he said he would call me by Monday.  He said they were interviewing other people, but unless he’s interviewing people later today or Sunday morning, his schedule does not allow for it.  I’m assuming the wait is for him to call my current place of employment and the manager who interviewed me on Monday.

That or he has no intention of hiring me, but I should probably be more optimistic.  After all, I haven’t received a rejection letter yet, and my friend’s friend who applied for the position received one soon after the second interview.


About michelletherobot

I'm a little bit emotional and a lot a bit strange. In 30 years I'll be a crazy cat lady, but for now I'm a twenty-two year old going to school, working two jobs, and trying to get to a better place.
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