The Wine Tasting

The good news is now I actually know how to publish blogs on here.  I overlooked the publish button for several days.  I’m really not that stupid, I promise.

It’s funny what a difference a year can make.

Around this time last year, I accompanied my friend and coworker Brian to his families annual wine tasting.  He spent the time playing video games with this girl he was into at the time, so I occupied myself by speaking to his brother, Bob, and his friend, Blaire.

I may have met Bob before this night, but this was the first time I really remember meeting him.  This was certainly the first time I actually had a conversation with him.  I was into him immediately.  There he was, sipping bourbon instead of wine, casually leaning against the bar.  He really seemed like my type and we shared an interest in tattoos and piercings.  It’s rare to find a guy who is interested in tattoos and piercings but still looks like someone you can introduce to your grandparents without sending them into cardiac arrest.  Luckily I only have to worry about the well-being of one surviving grandparent’s heart if that was the case.

After talking about specific piercings of mine, mainly my microdermal anchors on my ankles and my surface bars on my back, he blurts out “Oh my god I love you!  But don’t tell my girlfriend.”

Ahh, the girlfriend bomb.  Enough to hault me in my tracks, disappointed albeit not surprised.  So that is where it stopped, with only the occasional facebook conversation spanning the distance between us.

So it’s been about a year since that night.  This past Saturday was the annual wine tasting for this year.  Since I was working, Bob came to visit me after leaving the event at his parents house.  He gave me chocolates and kissed me and told me about how through the hazy alcohol saturated memory, he remembered failing miserably at flirting with me at last years wine tasting.

So in the course of a year, Bob and I have started dating.  I’m sure his name will come up in this blog quite a bit.


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I'm a little bit emotional and a lot a bit strange. In 30 years I'll be a crazy cat lady, but for now I'm a twenty-two year old going to school, working two jobs, and trying to get to a better place.
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